The blockchain technology is not leaving anyone behind. Sweden is already thriving and investing heavily in the revolutionary technology, and now there is a blockchain festival that you need to attend in order to get informed on the latest trend.

BLOXPO is Europe’s largest blockchain conference and takes place in Stockholm on May 17th 2018. The conference is organized by Stockholm Blockchain, the YouTube influencer Ivan On Tech and the Swedish Blockchain Association.

For the 2018 edition, we are joined by politicians, global blockchain experts and business leaders from multiple industries at this year’s venue, Friends Arena in Stockholm. The conference will cover a range of topics, such as how decentralized applications will disrupt our way of business and how the future of money will be put on its edge as cryptocurrencies continue to grow.

BLOXPO was founded to inspire people and organizations to invest, build and start companies with blockchain. Together we have the possibility to make the world more transparent, connected and democratic.

Join us from BC3 Blockchain Solutions at BLOXPO, which will be a great meeting point for enthusiasts of any level and has the potential to be the greatest Blockchain Event so far!

Get your tickets and meet the enthusiasts of the next generation technology:

Date: 17th of May 2018
Location: Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden.