Blockchain, a technology that could impact the world with the same force as the internet did and continues to do, has the potential to make the world more transparent, global and democratic, but to get there we need more people to create, using blockchain.

That is why Huobi andKyberNetwork are holding the biggest, most modern Blockchain conference in Vietnam.The Blockchain Festival will hold activities designed to increase interaction between exhibitors and the conference participants.

KyberNetwork, a decentralized and trustless exchange that facilitates instant conversions between crypto-assets, has a team that has been producing great results with the recent release of their testnet and partnerships with several reputable blockchain companies. With a loaded roadmap, 2018 could be the year for KyberNetwork to dominate the decentralized exchange space.

Huobi on the other hand just announced a great initiative to get us closer to assets and technology in favor of the users, The Huobi Autonomous Digital Exchange, HADAX, which allows users to publish their idea and to give it a chance to become a exchangeable token as a boost forward. Huobi is already established as the leading global Blockchain asset financial service provider. With services that are used by millions of users from over 130 countries.

The Blockchain Festival is therefore a great initiative and a natural next move for Huobi and KyberNetwork.

English-Vietnamese translator!

The Blockchain Festival will have English-Vietnamese bilingual, dual-screen presentations, to ensure that the participants of The Festival will understand everything. The audience can follow the speakers closely with an English-Vietnamese translator that will be on-site all day to oversee smooth Q&A sessions.

Free diagnostic report!

The Festival will also offer up to 10 projects that can choose to get a free diagnostic report from 2 independent rating agencies, DRC and This comprehensive diagnostic would look at 101 metrics to determine the overall strength of the venture. The results will also be published for all in the conference to see.

Airdrop of digital assets!

To keep the participants enthusiasm and attendance rates alive, The Blockchain Festival will offer a Candy Box Airdrop of digital assets.

Free tickets for the next generation enthusiasts!

The technology is still quite new and it is sometimes hard to know where to start if you are interested. To help and promote the Blockchain Technology, The Festival has invited students and professors in various fields (e.g. IT, marketing) to visit The Blockchain Festival Exhibition area for free. There will even be job interview booths.


To ensure that the participants do not miss anything throughout The Festival, there will be a passport mini-game where participants are encouraged to initiate conversations with projects exhibitions to interact, inquire and imprint a stamp on their conference passport. The Festival has also mentioned that there will be exciting prizes for those who participate.

Greatest Blockchain Festival in Vietnam!

Blockchain Festival will be a great meeting point for enthusiasts of any level. With the best on-site events production team in Vietnam and has therefore the potential to be the greatest Blockchain Festival in Vietnam.

Get your tickets and meet the enthusiasts of the next generation technology:

Date: 24 & 25 May 2018, 9am to 6pm
Location: Gem Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam