Huobi and KyberNetwork are holding the biggest, most modern Blockchain conference in Vietnam. While the technology itself is interesting, it is even more interesting to hearfounding members from some of the top public chain projects sharing their in-depth knowledge on Blockchain technology progress. One of those who will be holding a session during the festival is Jeffrey Wernick, who will be a VIP speaker at the Blockchain Festival in Vietnam.

His 40 years of experience includes investments in Uber and Airbnb, after which he turned his focus to bank transactions, lending platforms, and the blockchain industry. His blockchain festival topic ”Finding Value in Blockchain Industry”, is more relevant than ever. At this point, the Blockchain is more or less two things. It is either a currently operating and open distributed ledger that is processing cryptocurrency transactions worldwide, or it is a concept that can be used by any company to build their applications on. Companies of all sizes have recognized the efficiencies of the Blockchain Industry and now want to harness this concept to power their existing systems.

Jeffrey Wernick, an early investor in Bitcoin since 2009, began his career trading options and futures while still attending the University of Chicago. He later worked at Salomon Brothers, and then became the youngest Senior Officer at the National Bank of Detroit. Jeffrey then launched a technology-focused venture capital firm and created a hedge fund to invest in distressed and bankrupt companies, helping to restructure their balance sheets.

At the moment, he is best known in the Blockchain industry as an advisory board member at Qtum, where his advisory role will help guide Qtum’s international growth and development strategies.

“I meet with many people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, and what impressed me about Qtum is the people and their pursuit of intellectual integrity,” shared Wernick. “Qtum is committed to decentralization, and their approach to blockchain is more constructive and adaptive than anything else I’ve seen. Qtum is committed to open source where greater privacy is preserved, and greater benefits accrue to everyone participating in the ecosystem.”


The Blockchain Festival will be a great meeting point for enthusiasts of any level. With the best on-site events production team in Vietnam and has therefore the potential to be the greatest Blockchain Festival in Vietnam.

Get your tickets and meet the enthusiasts of the next generation technology:

Date: 24 & 25 May 2018, 9am to 6pm

Location: Gem Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam